For those Patriots who enjoy listening to your news at work or on your drive to/from work, introducing The Daily Recap!  The Gateway Pundit will now be posting up a brief summary of some of the top articles from the day before.  Each morning, I will upload my “Daily Recap” from the previous afternoon right here on Gateway Pundit for you to check out.

I will also link the articles used in the broadcast so you can read the articles and sources in their entirety.

Be sure to subscribe the The Gateway Pundit on Rumble here as well as my own Rumble channel for random shows and podcasts here.

I look forward to seeing you all each and every morning!

And for this first episode, here are the links in the order the shows appear (it plays a few seconds after displaying “broken extension”):

Azov Battalion Honored:

FB supporting Neo Nazis:

Tim Ryan Pushes EV’s:

Biden Energy Sec says CA is “in the lead”:

California turns on 4 gas generators:

KJP says “speech was not divisive”

Polls show otherwise:

Social media company leaks GOP data:

Missouri v. Big Tech lawsuit update:

Michigan Voter File shows BIG discrepancies:

Moderna/Astra Zeneca challenged in romanian parliament:

Dr Naomi Wolf on young boys being effected by vaccines sexually:

6 foot long blood clot in young athletes leg:

94% of individuals with vax side effects have abnormal blood with “metallic objects”

Bill Gates creeping on children:

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