The wickedness of these people is off the charts and straight from hell.
The SDNY leftists continue to use the power of the legal system to wage a battle against Steve Bannon and anyone who appears to threaten their grip on power.

On Wednesday Steve Bannon learned he was facing new criminal charges similar to the fraud investigation for which he was pardoned by Trump when the president left the White House.

Steve was already pardoned by the president.

Now these wicked leftists want to push these charges out for a second time.

Newsweek reported:

The exact details of the new charges Bannon is allegedly facing have not been revealed.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office opened its investigation into Bannon shortly after Trump pardoned his longtime ally as he was leaving the White House in January 2021, reported CNN.

For the record — The We Build the Wall movement built more miles of wall than Joe Biden did since stealing the presidency. That’s why they are being persecuted.

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GETTR CEO Jason Miller posted this statement Wednesday morning from Steve Bannon.

Silencing Steve is the number one goal of the Socialist-Democrats this midterm. The War Room is too big and influential.

On Wednesday morning Steve Bannon responded to the latest phony charges by the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

Steve Bannon:

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