The FBI in the month of May uploaded several high-profile records into their vault which included reports on Queen Elizabeth II, the San Bernardino attack, tech guru John MacAfee and QAnon.

Business Insider was the first publication to analyze the FBI data dump on QAnon and the outlet concluded after reading the report that the FBI “couldn’t figure out who was behind QAnon.”

The FBI’s Field Office in New York  launched an investigation into QAnon in August of 2018 after they received a tip that claimed “QAnon was purporting to be a highly placed government employee disseminating classified information.”



On page 12 of the report, The FBI noted they attempted to subpoena an individual, but that person’s name was redacted from the report.


The FBI’s report also stated that it’s “unknown” to the FBI if the figure behind QAnon is actually affiliated with the government.

Per Business Insider:

Newly-released FBI documents show that agents tried to track down who was behind the far-right, conspiracy-laden, extremist movement QAnon, but they apparently couldn’t figure it out.

FBI agents said in the unclassified records when the investigation was opened that the anonymous person behind QAnon “has not publicly revealed their identity” and that “it is unknown whether QAnon is actually affiliated with the US Government.”

The documents say that the FBI New York office “attempted” to identify the leader behind the QAnon internet persona through subpoenas, but it did not appear to come up with a conclusion.


Even FBI agents couldn’t figure out who was behind QAnon

— Insider Politics (@insiderpolitics) May 25, 2023

The investigation into QAnon has since been closed and the FBI investigators concluded that “no criminal subject was identified.”

So the greatest investigative agency in the world cannot find who was behind the QAnon movement?  That is very suspicious.

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