The Board of Trustees for Ohio State University and Ohio University both adopted policies to reaffirm their commitment to free speech on campus.


Because Republicans in the state legislature forced them to.

Campus Reform reported:

Two Ohio universities recently updated their free speech policies to remain compliant with new state standards that went into effect in July.

Each policy reaffirms the universities’ commitment to respecting freedom of speech on campus, and provides a submission form where students and faculty can report violations of their speech on campus.

The OU policy was temporarily enacted on July 22 and states that “[n]o employee of Ohio university may suppress, restrict, limit, or otherwise hinder the constitutional right to free speech of a student, student group, or faculty member.”

One alumnus said this:

Our alma mater had slipped far from its free-wheeling free-speech environment of our years of matriculation. Good to see that its policy officially empowers free exploration and expression of ideas on campus and particularly, in the classroom.

— Bob Beasley (@13013B) September 3, 2022

Republicans are finally using the levers of power to protect free speech!

For the antidote to media bias, check out!

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