Springfield, MO – A Pershing middle school teacher abused and berated a child in her classroom for asking why straight kids weren’t allowed to have her “unicorn cupcakes.”

The abusive teacher screamed at the child and called him an “ignorant, straight jerk.”

When the child pushed back on her, she doubled down and called him a “dick,” “weasel” and “butthead.”

A video of the incident taken by a student was sent to Springfield’s Talk 104.1 host Nick Reed.

Michelle Malkin confirmed with school officials that the abusive teacher, Amanda Parker, “will no longer be returning” to Springfield, MO public schools.

I have just confirmed this morning with school officials that the Unicorn Cupcake bully teacher, Amanda Parker, “will no longer be returning” to the Springfield Public Schools. https://t.co/P4CloLtu0H

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) June 14, 2021

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