For years, The Gateway Pundit has been one of the most targeted and censored media outlets in America because of our commitment to reporting the TRUTH – and 2022 was no different.

We now know that the US government, in a coordinated attack involving tech giants, far-left organizations, and the Fake News Media, was leading efforts to censor and ban our reporting because it provides the public with factual information that does not conform with their unproven propaganda. We have been targeted, censored, banned, demonetized, smeared, and erased.

But thanks to our loyal readers, TGP continues to grow year after year despite all of the vicious and relentless attempts to deplatform and demonetize us.

Since our beginning, The Gateway Pundit has been 100% reader and ad-supported. With absolutely no big money donor or foundation support whatsoever. The demonic left knows this, and that’s why they’re now going after our ability to keep our lights on.

No matter – we have, and will continue to fight.

Many of you have asked how to help, and we finally have a better way. In addition to our premium subscription program, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new webstore and unique merchandise – coming in 2023!

Now, you and your loved ones can always be ready to drop a red pill or truth bomb in order to help the fight at a moment’s notice – and look damn good while doing it in the best America First, lib-destroying, Globalist-repelling gear around.

As a preview of what’s to come this year, a set of new designs and items was released TODAY. Check some of them out below and take 20% off at checkout with code: NOFAKENEWS 

Also, receive FREE shipping on orders over $100 with code: RESISTTYRANNY

To check out the shop, click here to go to or a link can be found at the top of The Gateway Pundit Home page under “store” (on mobile: click the drop-down menu at the top.)


Defeat the Great Reset Collection: You will own nothing and be happy, total destruction of western (Judeo-Christian) values, total surveillance, and control… a technocrats dystopia straight out of George Orwell’s worst nightmare. That’s Klaus Schwab’s and the Globalist’s infamous “Agenda 2030” in a nutshell. It’s a no-brainer, this tyrannical globalist agenda must be stopped.

Shirts are available in colors: Black, Navy, Maroon, Royal, Dark Heather, Charcoal, Military Green, Sport Grey, Dark Chocolate, Brown Savana, Azalea, Gold, Natural, Ash, & White.

Link to the collection.

TGP “BANNED” Collection: Deleted from Social Media, censored on Google, targeted by the US Government… “exiled to the outer darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth” would probably be better suited, but that doesn’t fit as nicely on a t-shirt. A great way to show support and spread the truth at the same time – they can’t ban a t-shirt… this is still America, right?

Shirts are available in colors: Black, Navy, Military Green, Gold, Sport Grey, Ash, & White.

Link to the collection.

2022 Rigged-Term (s)Election: The midterms were 2020-Two – that is to say the rigged 2020 election all over again. The same ballot and voter harvesting schemes, the same voting machine issues, and of course, the same mail-in ballot charade… If you refuse to bend the knee to the approved narrative and are a deplorable election denier who’s proud of it, then this one’s a must-have.

Shirts are available in colors: Black, Navy, Royal, Dark Heather, Military Green Azalea, Gold, Sport Grey, Natural, Ash, & White.

Link to apparel.

January 6th was a Fed Op Collection: The “insurrection,” as it has been deemed by the Fake News media and Nancy Pelosi’s goon squad, was orchestrated by federal agencies behind a sitting President’s back. It was a full-blown Fed-Fest. Did someone say coup d’état?

Shirts are available in colors: Maroon, Black, Navy, Dark Heather, Military Green, Brown Savana, Gold, Sand, Sport Grey, Natural, Ash, & White.

Link to the collection.

GW “Come Get Some” Collection: Did our greatest founding father and the heroic Americans behind him stand down when Britain tried to silence them? Hell no. They said come get some. Now, it’s our turn to face down the demonic left and the globalists.

Available in colors: Maroon, Navy, Dark Chocolate, Dark Heather, Military Green, Brown Savana, Sport Grey, & White.

Link to the collection.

Voting Machines Rigged: Vote totals not making sense? Delays in counting? Machines breaking? Improper chain of custody? These are just some of the many issues seen over the past two elections – with just the Machines. What’s worse is that the majority of issues occur in, you guessed it Republican leaning areas. It’s certified “rigged”.

Available in colors: Royal, Dark Heather, Military Green, Brown Savana, Azalea, Carolina Blue, Gold, Sport Grey, Sand, Natural, Light Blue, Ash, & White.

Link to apparel.

And more @ the NEW and IMPROVED TGP STORE!

Stay tuned this coming month for more must-have swag and limited-release items!

And, once again, Thank You readers for your support! We couldn’t do it without you!

To check out the shop, click here. Or a link can be found at the top of the page under “shop” (on mobile: click the drop-down menu at the top).

Promo Code for 20% off: NOFAKENEWS  |||  Free shipping on orders over $100: RESISTTYRANNY


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