Something is shifting in Ukraine.

Last week, Reuters published an article about a case in which the European Court of Human Rights ordered Ukraine to pay damages to “a gay couple after multiple unsuccessful attempts to register their marriage in the country.”  Gays cannot be married in Ukraine.

But as the country becomes more and more dependent on US tax dollars to fight the Russians, polling in Ukraine conveniently shows a shift in sentiment favoring gay marriage, beginning only after the Russian invasion, of course.  Now, 56% of Ukrainians support it while only 24% oppose it.  Despite the shift in polling, however, Zelensky claims he cannot alter their constitution during wartime.

The timing of this article is peculiar:  June 1st kicks off “Pride Month” in the United States.  And what better way to point out the hypocrisy amongst American politicians who have sent billions in funding to support the anti-gay marriage nation while celebrities adorn their profiles with a Pride symbol next to the Ukrainian flag to make sure we know where they stand!  Smack dab in a pit of irony.

In addition to the human rights issue highlighted above, the New York Times has now acknowledged a problem in the former Eastern Bloc nation:  Nazis.  No, not the Mockingbird Media’s hilariously inaccurate portrayal of “MAGA extremists” and Trump supporters as Nazis.

But rather real Nazis.

Something The Gateway Pundit has been reporting on consistently since the war began.

The NY Times article begins by acknowledging that the Ukrainian government and NATO had previously posted several photos exposing the Nazi symbols adorning soldier’s uniforms.  Of course, they called this a “complicated relationship with Nazi imagery”:

Ukrainian government and NATO allies have posted, then quietly deleted, three seemingly innocuous photographs from their social media feeds: a soldier standing in a group, another resting in a trench and an emergency worker posing in front of a truck.

In each photograph, Ukrainians in uniform wore patches featuring symbols that were made notorious by Nazi Germany and have since become part of the iconography of far-right hate groups.

The photographs, and their deletions, highlight the Ukrainian military’s complicated relationship with Nazi imagery, a relationship forged under both Soviet and German occupation during World War II.

The article then goes on to state that “…Russian President Vladimir Putin has falsely declared Ukraine to be a Nazi state, a claim he has used to justify his illegal invasion.”  However, no such declaration seems to exist.

Putin has stated he is conducting a “special military operation” to “denazify Ukraine” after almost a decade of Ukraine forces shelling Eastern Ukrainian neighborhoods comprised traditionally of ethnic Russians.  This was done largely in part with the help of a then-volunteer neo-Nazi infused force known as the Azov Battalion.  The battalion was “folded into” Ukraine’s National Guard in 2014, according to Reuters.

The Azov Battalion has an interesting relationship with the United States during the Maidan Revolution and subsequent military operations against Ukraine’s eastern region.

In 2015, then-Speaker Paul Ryan helped pass a $1.8 trillion omnibus bill that gave $64 billion for “overseas contingency operations” that assisted “European countries facing Russian aggression.”

Prior to its passage, according to, Rep. Conyers of MI and Rep. Yoho or FL added an amendment to the House Defense Appropriations bill that would “limit arms, training, and other assistance to the neo-Nazi Ukrainian militia, the Azov Battalion.”  It passed.  Until it was removed at the behest of the Pentagon, who incorrectly claimed such a provision already existed under the Leahy law.

According to a Yahoo! exclusive from March 2022, the CIA has been using paramilitary operators to train Ukrainians as far back as 2014.  This, of course, was during the infamous US-instigated Maidan Revolution.

The recent NY Times articles goes on to state:

In a statement, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that, as a country that suffered greatly under German occupation, “We emphasize that Ukraine categorically condemns any manifestations of Nazism.”

This statement is either to gaslight the US and NATO to continue the seemingly “black check” policy to fund in-part the homophobic Nazi sympathizers, or they have zero control over their forces.  Speaking as a Marine Corps veteran, if the United States government didn’t want something on our uniform, it would not be on our uniform.  It would be removed as fast as we could put it on and punishments for disobeying an order would be handed down.

In less than a week’s time now, two Mockingbird Media outlets, Reuters and the New York Times, have posted articles exposing two ideological conundrums for the far-left.  This begs the question: what is going on with the Ukraine narrative?




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