Joe Biden is in Free Fall

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington went on OAN News this week with Natalie Harp to describe the imposter in chief.

Liz Harrington: You can’t fool the American people. And if you think about Joe Biden, he’s been propped up by the Fake News, Big Tech, and the fake suppression polls. But at the end of the day they can only prop up a fraud so much. And nothing says 81 million votes like spontaneous “f-you” chants breaking out in stadiums across the country. The American people know he didn’t get 81 million votes and when they see the deadly, devastating consequences of the preventable deaths of 13 of our best and bravest in Afghanistan, when they see what’s happening on the border, when they see what’s happening with inflation, our energy independence just given away, the American people see the devastating consequences of a fraudulent election.”

Liz wins the day.

And now we have PROOF that the election was a fraud.

At the end of the day, you can only prop up a fraud so much.

Joe Biden has been propped up by the Fake News, Big Tech, and Fake suppression polls, but you can’t fool the American people!

And we all know he didn’t get 81 million votes!

— Liz Harrington (@realLizUSA) September 8, 2021

In case you missed it… The “F*ck Joe Biden” chants were EVERYWHERE this past weekend.


This weekend tens of thousands of people chanted “FU*K JOE BIDEN” at dozens of events across the country.

Joe Biden has become synonymous with “The Establishment” that destroys all joy in life. It is punk rock to fight against Joe.

This is a good trend

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) September 7, 2021

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