“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James on Wednesday announced a new lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and his family.

AG James has been investigating whether the Trump Organization inflated values of some of its properties.

“Today, I filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump for engaging in years of financial fraud to enrich himself, his family, and the Trump Organization.” Letitia James said.

“There aren’t two sets of laws for people in this nation: former presidents must be held to the same standards as everyday Americans.” she added.

Letitia James said her office is seeking to:

Make Trump pay $250 million.
Ban the Trumps from running NY businesses for good.
Ban Trump and Trump Org from buying commercial real estate in NY for 5 yrs.
We’re making a criminal referral to the US Department of Justice

“With the help of Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and other defendants, Trump variously unlawfully inflated and deflated his net worth by billions to obtain and satisfy loans, get insurance benefits, and pay lower taxes. In short, he lied to gain massive financial benefits for himself,” Letitia James said on Wednesday.

“We found that Trump, his family, and the Trump Org used fraudulent and misleading asset valuations over 200 times in 10 years on his annual financial statements. These statements were then used to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in loans and insurance coverage,’ she added.


BREAKING: New York Attorney General Letitia James announces lawsuit against former President Trump, three of his children and Trump Organization.

The suit alleges years of fraud, seeks to bar Trump from ever doing business in New York again and seeks $250 Million in penalties. pic.twitter.com/yFEBRyumHe

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) September 21, 2022

Letitia James has been harassing Trump and his family…just as she promised.

In November 2018 after her election, Letitia James immediately began cursing and threatening President Donald Trump.


First listen to this profanity language

Now imagine a conservative would’ve said this and Obama is President

She is the newly elected Attorney General of New York pic.twitter.com/Gmk7JwEiyk

— Joel Fischer (@realJoelFischer) November 10, 2018

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