Biden’s sick and disgusting ‘Chief Diversity Officer’ in the military, Richard Torres-Estrada, is reinstated to his position.  The Biden gang, which is trying to make our military worthless, weak and woke, is happy again.

Here is one of Torres-Estrada’s tweets:

We reported first on this far-left unashamed hack in March:

Biden Moves to Transform US Military Into Woke Social Justice Warriors – Hires Toxic Leftist Who Compared Trump to Hitler as First “Chief of Diversity and Inclusion”

Then a few days later we reported that Torres-Estrada was reassigned pending investigation:

JUST IN: Biden’s Woke SOCOM “Diversity and Inclusion Chief” Reassigned to New Duties Pending Investigation Into Anti-Trump Memes

The Daily Caller reported yesterday:

The US Special Operations Command reinstated its head of diversity on Thursday after an investigation concluded he did not violate any Defense Department policies in a series of controversial Facebook posts.

Richard Torres-Estrada was named Chief of Diversity & Inclusion for the Defense Department’s US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in March, but was reassigned pending an investigation into his social media activity, which included a post comparing then-president Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

The investigation found that Torres-Estrada’s posts violated no Defense Department (DoD) policies and he could return to his job, Military Times reported Thursday.

“Mr. Torres-Estrada has resumed the duties of the Chief of Diversity & Inclusion for United States Special Operations Command after a USSOCOM commander-directed investigation into the circumstances surrounding his hiring concluded and found no violations of law or DoD regulation,” USSOCOM spokesman Ken McGraw told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement Friday.

This is another sick, outrageous move coming from the sick outrageous Obama/Biden gang.

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