Republicans move forward in their efforts to reset districts in Ohio that will lead to Representative Jim Jordan being removed from office.

We reported previously that the state of Ohio, led by ‘Republicans’, is in the process of resetting districts that they hope will remove Representative Jim Jordan from office.

Ohio RINO Governor DeWine and State Leaders Consider Redistricting Map that Favors Pelosi and Jeopardizes Jim Jordan’s Seat

Now it looks like this is coming true.  FOX News writes:

Allies of Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan are furious with the state Senate GOP for potentially putting the prominent House Republican’s seat on the line in a proposed redistricting map, Fox News has learned.

The Buckeye State’s Senate Republican Party proposed a redistricting map last week that turned heads and drew ire from Jordan’s allies.

According to the proposed map, Jordan could be billed up against Democrat Rep. Joyce Beatty of Ohio for the 4th Congressional District’s seat.


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