Is any of this real?

Nutbag Malcomb Nance, the former contributor at MSNBC, claimed he had joined the fighting against Russia last week.  Now we’ve uncovered a video from the same day showing Nance claiming he’s in an airstrike in Ukraine.

A week ago we reported:

MSNBC crackpot Malcolm Nance is well known for his disgusting attacks on Trump and being completely ridiculous on most anything.  The nutbag is also very hateful.

On Monday night this MSNBC dandy turned up on the screen in military garb.  Nance told the MSNBC audience he is fighting Russians with his brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Things Just Got Weird: MSNBC Dandy and Nutbag Malcolm Nance Dresses in Military Gear and Says He’s Fighting in Ukraine in New Video

Now we find that Nance was being interviewed with NBC last week when during the interview he claims that he is under an air raid of Russian missiles and even claims that the missiles come in threes.

NBC reported:

Russian missiles landed in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv as NBC News’ Ali Arouzi was interviewing former MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance. Officials say at least seven people were killed in the airstrike. CORRECTION: On Monday, we inaccurately referred to Malcolm Nance as an MSNBC analyst. To clarify, Nance is a former analyst and is not currently affiliated with the network.

Notice even NBC is not claiming Nance now.

Below is the video from NBC.

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