Chris Wallace from FOX News shared his real feelings about the Biden regime.

Chris Wallace really came out in the first Presidential debate in 2020.  Wallace joined Joe Biden to debate President Trump in one of the most biased efforts ever by the media in any Presidential debate.  Wallace started off by debating President Trump within the first 15 minutes of the debate.

WOW! JUST INSANE! Debate “Moderator” Chris Wallace Starts DEBATING TRUMP in First 15 Minutes! (VIDEO)

He then insinuated those who supported President Trump were violent after no incidents to date supporting his accusations while ignoring the many dead and billions in destruction from BLM and Antifa before the debate.  Wallace must have known the 2020 Election would be stolen.

OUTRAGEOUS! Chris Wallace Calls Out Trump to Tell His Supporters to Not Riot!! WTH? After BLM-Antifa Rip Apart the Country! (VIDEO)

Wallace was in another reality when he led that debate but he clearly felt good about what he had done.  This is why it comes as no surprise what Wallace shared about Biden/Obama’s Press Secretary who enjoys softball questions from the far-left biased press corps.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Fox’s Chris Wallace said that Jen Psaki is “one of the best White House press secretaries ever,” prompting backlash from critics of Psaki’s tactics to protect the Biden administration.

Wallace, an outlier at the right-leaning network, praised Psaki’s performance when pressed by Fox’s White House correspondent Peter Doocy about President Joe Biden’s claims that he had been to the border.

Chris Wallace: “Jen Psaki is one of the best press secretaries ever”


— Brigitte Gabriel (@ACTBrigitte) October 22, 2021

Many Americans don’t agree with Wallace’s assessment of Psaki.

Today I learned that Chris Wallace has never seen a White House press briefing before today since he thinks Jen Psaki is the best Press Secretary he’s ever seen.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even activists posing as journalists, but that is a bold statement.

— Danny Tarkanian (@DannyTarkanian) October 22, 2021

Wallace hates President Trump and everything he and Americans stand for and he doesn’t even know it.  What a clown.  He shouldn’t be reporting anywhere.

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