Kamala Harris traveled to Milwaukee on Tuesday to promote Joe Biden’s gargantuan “infrastructure” bill that has virtually nothing to do with infrastructure.

Harris visited the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee clean energy laboratories.

At #UWM’s clean energy laboratories, @VP Kamala Harris engages in a discussion on research and development investments in the American Jobs Plan and its impact on communities like #Milwaukee. pic.twitter.com/MI6t3BXBUl

— UW-Milwaukee (@UWM) May 4, 2021

When Harris’s motorcade rolled into Milwaukee, ZERO supporters were there to greet 81 million vote recipient Kamala Harris.


Motorcade for @VP rolls into Milwaukee as Kamala Harris will push @POTUS’s infrastructure plan. @Cole__Stevenson maintains you can see her waiving but I’m skeptical pic.twitter.com/I6S7OwLbJq

— Brendan Cullerton (@BCullerton) May 4, 2021

However, a few protesters showed up to oppose Biden’s infrastructure plan.

Some @AFPhq protesters have showed up near @VP’s tour of UWM opposing the @POTUS infrastructure plan that Harris is pushing pic.twitter.com/3UzhZBPjU0

— Brendan Cullerton (@BCullerton) May 4, 2021

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