Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs’ defense team accidentally made the case in court today for getting rid of the voting machines and hand-counting the votes.

Their expert witness and leftist hack Kenneth Mayer admitted during testimony that tabulator malfunctions are, “One of the most common issues that arises in the work on Election Day operations… It can happen for reasons that are not anticipatable. It can be, sort of, machine breakdowns, or the sorts of things that are hard to predict.”

The Hobbs team is so panicked trying to defend themselves for fixing the election that they just admitted what all of us election deniers have been saying for years – get rid of the machines and go to paper ballots!

Via The Storm Has Arrived and Badlands Video:

Witness Kenneth Mayer was not in Maricopa on Election Day.

KARI LAKE TRIAL: Kenneth Mayer, witness called by the Katie Hobbs team admits he did not verify the accuracy of the data provided by Maricopa County in regards to voting center wait time claims on Election Day. He also admits he wasn’t in Maricopa County to witness any of it

— Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) December 22, 2022

We brought experts who are familiar with the machines, ballots, chain of custody and the math behind elections.

Maricopa County brought a Woke College Professor who has opinions on stuff.

— Kari Lake War Room (@KariLakeWarRoom) December 22, 2022

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