President Trump calls the US election process ‘third world’ as the Pennsylvania GOP Senate race goes to a recount. 

Ten days ago, on May 17th, the state of Pennsylvania voted for their GOP candidate for Senate.  The state has not yet determined a winner.

Dr. Oz holds the lead with less than 1,000 votes.  More than 10 days after the election, they are still counting.


CNBC reported two days ago that after a week of counting, the election will now go to a recount.

Pennsylvania’s Republican Senate primary race between Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick will head to a recount, the state’s elections chief announced Wednesday.

Oz, a celebrity physician and first-time candidate endorsed by former President Donald Trump, led former hedge fund CEO McCormick in the final vote tally by less than half a percentage point, acting Secretary of of State Leigh Chapman’s office said.

That narrow margin triggered a mandatory recount under Pennsylvania law.

President Trump responded to this madness on Truth Social.

The “recount” of the Dr. Oz Senate race in Pennsylvania continues. Almost two weeks now, and counting. Any big surprises in store? What does the WSJ Ed Board think now? Not exactly transparent, right? Our elections are strictly Third World. Go to SAME DAY VOTING, PAPER BALLOTS! France and others go quickly and accurately. GET SMART AMERICA!

President Trump is right.  Our elections are third world. 



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