We reported in January that Biden was ending President Trump’s policy providing for lower prices for insulin to Americans:

Beijing Biden Ends President Trump’s Policy of Reducing Medical Costs on Insulin and EpiPens to Please Big Pharma

Yesterday it was confirmed that Biden’s White House approved Biden ending Trump discounts on insulin.

The White House this week gave President Biden the greenlight to move forward with removing a Trump-era health care policy designed to bring down the price of insulin.

Biden’s bid to retract the rule was approved on Monday, as reported by Politico, with the expectation that the Department of Health and Human Services could publish the retraction within the coming days.

The measure, signed off on under the previous administration in December, aimed to require some 340B community health centers to deliver savings to low-income patients for insulin and epinephrine in a bid to bring down unaffordable prices.

Spokespeople for the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services did not return FOX Business’ request for comment.

The rule was scheduled to go into effect in January but was frozen at that time.

Why would Obama/Biden choose to end this program that helped Americans with Diabetes?  Who is running the show in the Biden White House anyway? 

This all makes no sense unless your mission is to hurt Americans and destroy America.

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