Will Johnson of Unite America First was a paying passenger on a Southwest flight back to his home and was told by a flight attendant that he had to remove his shirt or go to the bathroom and turn it inside out, or he would have to leave the plane.

“These two women were so agitated about my shirt that I was worried they would spit into my drink if I asked them for something, so I flew home without drinking anything at all,” Johnson told the Gateway Pundit.

Johnson was on Southwest flight #2112 from Florida to Austin at 1:25 PM on Tuesday, June 1.

Johnson said that he was flying home from covering the big Boat Parade for President Donald J. Trump in Florida and was wearing an ‘F-CK Biden’ t-shirt.  He admitted that he did it partially for reaction to show the double standards that Trump supporters face.

Johnson said,  “I did wear it sort of for a reaction, but I was also tired and  I wasn’t trying to stir anything up. I talked to the people around me on the plane and it was lowkey.  No one around me was offended at all, the complaints came from two flight attendants only, and they argued with me, and then when I said it was my first amendment right to wear the shirt, I was told that I did not have those rights on the plane and I would have to comply or leave the plane. I was tired from the day, so I turned the shirt inside out. But those women were hostile to me the whole flight.”

“At the end of the flight, I turned my shirt back around and walked out and got compliments along the way.  I even got complimented by a pilot and another flight attendant who were entering the plane as I was leaving,” Johnson said.

“They told me- hey, I like your shirt,” he said.

“What really bothered me the most about the whole thing was that I was afraid of getting a drink from them,” he said. “I really thought they would spit in my drink.  It made me very nervous to be honest.”

Attempts to connect with Southwest Airlines for comment were unsuccessful.  Johnson did offer an email from another passenger, who confirmed his story, and The Gateway Pundit confirmed the email.

Hey Will!! I was on ur flight when they made you take your shirt off. It’s total bullshit.You should sue there ass!! I’m glad I got to meet you after the flight. Thank you for all that you do brother. I’m following you on everything now. Keep up the good fight.
Mike A.


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