On Saturday 31 members of the Patriot Front group, an alleged white supremacist group, were arrested in Idaho on the way to a protest.

They were traveling to a gay pride event with shields in the back of a Uhaul. They had no other weapons.

They had committed no violence but possibly could have — so they were arrested.

Kristinn Taylor reported on the Patriot Front arrests on Saturday.

Following the arrests a local police officer admitted that they knew about the planned protests because the Patriot Front was infiltrated by law enforcement.

Source: https://t.co/2vxKBoncrj pic.twitter.com/SHenj9wW7m

— Talia Jane (@taliaotg) June 11, 2022

Since the Patriot front group first appeared, The Gateway Pundit always suspected they had links to the feds. We were convinced they were infiltrated by the federal agents.

Here is the public video of their arrests for plotting to disrupt a gay pride event.

On Monday the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office released the names and pictures of the suspects who were arrested on Sunday.

Screengrab: The Independent

The men look like they had haircuts for the rally.  They also look like they have jobs, unlike Antifa.

Now there are new details on the arrest of the men.

Apparently, the Patriot Front members were not in possession of any weapons. They had one smoke bomb between them. And they were planning to march to the gay pride rally and then march back.

For some reason the FBI is involved as we expected.

Now this…

The Patriot Front group was able to sneak a camera into the jail. They blamed it on “incomplete searches.”

The video shows the protesters talking in the Uhaul before their arrest. Then the camera shows them inside their cell and inside the transport vehicle.

The men were laughing in the jail cell.

And then the video captures the young men being bailed out and walking through the town after their release.

City residents were pleasant to the men in khakis and offered to buy them a drink.

Here is the video.

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