Dr. Peter Navarro leaves the court house after being arrested, shackled, and abused by the Biden regime as an example to all patriotic Americans.

During his four years in the White House, Peter Navarro was one of Donald Trump’s most trusted and loyal advisors.

As the top China Hawk in the White House, Peter not only saved thousands of factories and helped create thousands of manufacturing jobs.  During the pandemic as the Defense Production Act Policy Coordinator, Peter Navarro helped save hundreds of thousands of American lives.

Peter Navarro has launched his legal defense fund at GiveSendGo to help raise what he anticipates will be up to $1 million in expenses in fighting the false charges against him by Liz Cheney and the Biden regime.

Navarro told The Gateway Pundit he has pledged to, “Fight the Pelosite fascists who first put him in leg irons and now want to put him in prison.”

** Please donate to Peter Navarro’s GiveSendGo defense fund here.

Peter Navarro was charged with two counts of contempt of Congress for failing to comply with the subpoena from the January 6 Select Committee allegedly investigating the attack on Capitol Hill. According to Navarro, he has been clear with the committee and the Justice Department from the outset that President Trump has invoked executive privilege in the matter and it is not Navarro’s privilege to waive.  Navarro has been equally clear in his view that this Committee is neither properly constituted nor authorized and therefore does not have the authority to issue legal and enforceable subpoenas.

On May 31, 2020, Navarro filed a civil suit seeking both declaratory and injunctive relief against both the Committee and US attorney for the District of Columbia, citing a wide range of constitutional issues ranging from violation of the separation of powers and violation of the constitutional proscription against bills of attainder to the trampling of both executive privilege and testimonial immunity.

Three days later, the FBI responded in brutal fashion by surveilling Navarro on his way to Reagan National Airport and then taking him down by force with armed agents in the jetway. Navarro was then refused access to legal advice, put in leg irons in the same cell is John Hinckley once occupied, and now faces up to two years in prison for contempt of a Congress charge that no one in the 236 year history of our Republic has ever faced before in such a brutal manner.

Former FBI agents and other observers have described Navarro’s take down as a maneuver far outside the norm designed to punish and humiliate and coerce Navarro. The typical procedure for a white-collar misdemeanor not involving fraud is simply for the FBI to arrange a voluntary surrender without the humiliation of leg irons and solitary confinement. In Navarro’s case, such a voluntary surrender would have been easy as he lives just 50 yards from the FBI and had pledged his cooperation in any such matter. 

** Please donate to Peter Navarro’s GiveSendGo defense fund here.

Peter Navarro has chosen GiveSendGo as his platform of choice because this platform has a solid reputation of never canceling pro-Trump and conservative voices.

Just as GETTR is an important cancel culture-free alternative to the likes of a woke Twitter, Navarro sees GiveSendGo as the crowdfunding alternative to platforms like GoFundMe which have notoriously canceled conservatives like Texas Deputy Jason Jones and the Canadian Freedom Convoy seeking to raise funds.

I hope you agree with us here at The Gateway Pundit that is is vitally important that we support the Trump officials who are standing with the president.

Navarro’s campaign is at www.givesendgo.com/navarro

He anticipates legal bills of up to a million dollars or more and is asking for “patriots across America to rally to this important cause.”

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