Dr. Daszak, who was involved in the research and development of the coronavirus in the US and China is finally recognized for his past efforts.

Dr. Daszak was involved in the investigation into the origins of the China coronavirus.  The WHO hired him even though he was involved in the origins of the coronavirus.  The Lancet did too.

INSANE: Dr. Peter Daszak, Heavily Involved in the COVID Crisis and Only American on WHO Investigation, Now Picked to Lead Lancet’s COVID Investigation

In February we reported a video of Dr. Daszak from 2019 that was uncovered where he admits Wuhan lab was involved in manipulating the coronavirus before the pandemic was first reported:

EXPLOSIVE UPDATE! Top WHO Official Caught on Video in December 2019 Revealing Coronavirus Manipulation at Wuhan Lab Before Pandemic (VIDEO)

Yesterday it was reported that Dr. Daszak was removed from the UN group investigating the origins of the coronavirus:

British scientist Peter Daszak has been removed from the COVID commission looking at the origins of the pandemic after helping secretly denounce the lab leak theory while failing to mention his close ties to the same facility.

The scandal-hit scientist’s departure from the UN-backed Lancet commission into the virus’s origins was revealed on its website.

It added a sentence in brackets under his photo and above his biography, saying ‘recused from Commission work on the origins of the pandemic.’

No further information on Daszak’s departure was given – but he has faced conflict of interest claims after his close ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology were revealed last month.

Daszak, 55, president of the New York-based EcoHealth Alliance, was one of 28 experts from around the world asked to analyze how best to respond to the pandemic.

This was a good move by the UN but who knows who else on the commission is trying to cover up any activities that involved the development and ultimate release of the coronavirus by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  

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