The FDA just voted 18-0 against booster shots for those aged 16-65 citing health concerns.  Evidence showed that for every one life the vax saved, 2 or more lives were taken by the jab depending on which age group the victim was in.

Now this.  Fauci and Pfizer are pushing for emergency use authorization for the jab in children ages 5-11.  Pfizer says that they have evidence that the shot is safe despite a growing amount of evidence that for many it is a kill-shot.  They are also pushing to have the COVID vax added to the list of recommended/mandatory vaccines for babies and infants.

Unfortunately, this relatively safe and effective vaccine has just paralyzed a young child involved in the trials after 13 days.

This is criminal.  The vaccine is being mandated with criminal intent by the highest levels of authority.  Their objective is not the health of the population, but rather the enrichment of their own pockets and the guarantee of future income due to the damages that the vaccine is creating in its victims.  Adverse reactions and deaths are being vastly underreported, but still are reported at over 14,000 deaths.  More than all the other vaccines combined in the last decade!

Get past your fear and trust God over lord Fauci!




For one growing up in church, they could get the idea that sanctification is a process. That one becomes holier the closer he adheres to God's law and commandments now that they have received the free gift of salvation. However, righteousness is completely free! It is available to us through the finished work of Christ. It is all His doing. All His work! None of our own, lest we should boast. This is good news!

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Admin · September 21, 2021 at 3:51 pm

Looks like this happened in February 2021. How convenient for the Media to not report on this tragedy. If the public was aware of this kind of “child-safety” available for their children, Fraudci would not be able to keep pushing to have every child vaccinated. He’d be in prison.

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