An airplane with a “Let’s Go Brandon” banner flew over a Georgia Bulldogs football game on Saturday.

The Southeastern Conference game was in Athens, Georgia.

#FJB #UGA #secfootball #conservative #letsgobrandon #trump #americafirst @OldRow_Georgia

— Old Row (@OldRowViral) November 6, 2021

Following the viral slogan was a message for people to “join,” a new social media platform founded on “the principles of free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship.”

“Let’s Go Brandon” became a conservative rally cry after a reporter claimed that was what fans were chanting after a NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. The crowd had actually been chanting “f-ck Joe Biden.”

The chant has become a way for people to take a jab at both the president and the media who seemingly will do just about anything to defend him.

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