The documentary film “2000 Mules,” created by Dinesh D’Souza irrefutably confirms the widespread belief that Democrats stole the election in 2020.

In the film, D’Souza and True the Vote prove through geo-tracking and video evidence that Democrats used an illegal ballot trafficking network to manipulate the election results in a scheme that involved every single battleground state.

The mainstream media, including Fox News, boycotted any coverage of 2000 Mules while the Republican Party and GOP have yet to mention the film on any of its websites or social media pages or websites.

WOW! FOX News Hack Sandra Smith Claims “2000 Mules” on Democrat Ballot Traffickers Was Debunked – Could Face Hefty Defamation Lawsuit

Despite the effort to debunk and discount the 2000 Mules, 40 percent of likely voters are aware of the historic documentary and at least 20 million voters have seen the film, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

Even Democrats don’t believe Biden was legitimately elected.

The survey shows a majority of likely Democrat and independent voters “strengthened their convictions of widespread fraud” during the 2020 presidential election after watching the bombshell exposé.

Tomorrow: 2000 Mules – 1000 National Likely Voters

Our question is set below.

Early Indicators
– 40%+ of all voters are aware of the film
– 20M+ of voters have seen the film
– Majority of Dem’s & Ind’s who have seen it say it strengthened their convictions of widespread fraud.

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) June 2, 2022

Americans know the 2020 Election was stolen and 2000 Mules provides proof.

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