President Donald Trump endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz on Saturday night in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

President Trump: “The Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a tremendous opportunity to Save America by electing the brilliant and well-known Dr. Mehmet Oz for the United States Senate… I believe that Mehmet Oz will be the one most able to win the General Election against a Radical Left Democrat looking to do unthinkable harm to our Country,”

Liz Harrington posted the endorsement on Telegram.

Dr. Oz was a staunch critic of Dr. Tony Fauci during the pandemic and early on promoted hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the virus. New York Governor Cuomo later shut down his study on the drug before they were completed.

Dr. Oz challenged Fauci to a debate in February.

President Trump had earlier endorsed Sean Parnell who later dropped from the race.

Dr. Oz is currently in a tight primary race with Dave McCormick a former hedge fund manager.

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