President Trump UNLOADED on the sleezebags in the US intelligence community under Barack Obama including the “two lovers” and other “such lowlifes” in an epic statement released on Thursday night before Joe Biden’s meeting with Vlad Putin on Friday.

As you may recall, back in 2018 Dirty Rod Rosenstein and dementia patient Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian suspects on the eve of President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Dirty Rod Rosenstein did this in the Deep State’s continual harassment of President Trump in their ongoing attempted coup of the people’s president.

Not a single Russian faced justice and the story was mostly made up in an attempt to ruin President Trump’s trip abroad. The American fake news media and Democrats were overjoyed to play a part in this attack on President Trump.

Trump also urged Sleepy Joe to try and stay awake during the meeting.

This was epic Trump.

The post President Trump Goes SCORCHED EARTH on “Sleezebags” in Intel Under Obama Including “The Two Lovers” and Other “Such Lowlifes” – Tells Biden “Don’t Fall Asleep” with Putin appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


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