Twitter announced a few months ago that they were kicking the President of the United States off their platform for good.  It’s appalling that they took the leader of the free world off their platform but allow the leader of terror group Hamas to celebrate the bombing of innocent citizens in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Late last year, only days after the 2020 Election, Twitter happily removed the leader of the free world from their platform because they just couldn’t allow President Trump to share what was really going on in the liberal’s insane world.  He had to go:

“It Was the Right Decision” — Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tweets Complete Bullsh*t About “Having to Ban Donald Trump” Over Complete Lies

What a terrible organization Twitter is.  

Now today as Hamas and other terrorist groups are sending bombs into Israel to kill innocent people, the head of the terrorist group Hamas celebrates:

The leader of Hamas is currently on Twitter encouraging fellow jihadis to take to the streets and take up arms against Israel.

Twitter, however, is safe from Donald Trump. Thank goodness.

— Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel) May 11, 2021

Young Mr. Schachtel makes a very good point.

They kicked Donald Trump off of Twitter. Meanwhile, the leader of Hamas is on this platform celebrating “the bombing of Tel Aviv.”

— Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel) May 11, 2021

American company Twitter stands with terrorists rather than their rightful President.  What a horrible company.  All individuals who have a Twitter account and a conscience should close their accounts today.  If they don’t, not to worry, Twitter will shut’em down soon enough.   

We lived before Twitter and we can live without it now.

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