Disgusting Adam Kinzinger announced today that he will not run for reelection in the US House.  President Trump responded in a short and direct statement.

We noted earlier today that slimeball Representative Adam Kinzinger will not run for reelection in the US House of Representatives.  Kinzinger used his time in the military and flaunted it while he bashed America lovers who supported President Trump.

Trump Hater Rep. Adam Kinzinger Announces He Will Not Run for Reelection

Kinzinger is a real slimeball who hated Republican President Donald Trump and did all he could to hurt him and have him removed from office.

RINO Adam Kinzinger Calls for Anyone Who Supports “America First” Caucus to Be Removed from Committee Assignments

Of course, RINOs like Paul Ryan liked Kinzinger.

Paul Ryan to Hold Fundraiser for Vocal Never-Trumper Adam Kinzinger on Monday

Today President Trump responded to Kinzinger’s announcement.

The first slimeball to announce he was not running for reelection was Ohio Representative Anthony Gonzalez.  He and Kinzinger joined another 8 ‘Republicans’ to vote for Trump’s impeachment.  It’s horrible that the Democrats voted for this farce but to have 10 ‘Republicans’ join them was a national disgrace.

Nasty Ohio RINO Who Voted For Trump Impeachment Decides Not to Run for Reelection

Americans want justice, not slimeballs.  You can’t be gone soon enough slimeball Kinzinger.

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