As promised, President Trump spoke today at Mike Lindell Rally in Wisconsin.

Trump to Headline Mike Lindell Rally In Wisconsin on Saturday

A highlight of his speech was when he referred to Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell.  The President shared the following:

I want to thank people like Rudy Giuliani, who’s out there fighting and they’re after him and they want to take him down.  They want to take us all down.  There’s never been a time like this.  There’s never been.  It’s weaponized and the Republicans were very nice.

Our people were very, very nice and very, very respectful and I said this would happen.  But Rudy is a great patriot.  He was the greatest mayor in the history of New York and a great, great patriot.  And what he’s done, and what Mike has done, and what so many other people have done, these are incredible heroes and they’re going to go down as heroes some day and I think it’s some day in the not to distant future.

God bless America and her heroes many.

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