DC bartender Joshua Pruitt was sentenced on Monday to 55 months in prison.

You can read more about his case at American Gulag.

Pruitt entered the US Capitol on January 6th and joined a mob that smashed a sign.

Joshua Pruitt entered the US Capitol without a police officer in sight.

Worse than that, Joshua Pruitt STILL believes the election was stolen.

His attorney tried desperately to convince him it was legit but Joshua refuses to let go of his belief that the 2020 election was illegitimate.

Now he will serve 45 months in prison for his crimes.

Resisting the narrative will not be tolerated.

At one time this meme was a joke…

NBC News reported:

A former Washington, D.C., bartender and Proud Boy who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was sentenced to 55 months in federal prison on Monday.

Joshua Pruitt, 40, pleaded guilty in June to obstruction of an official proceeding after he was caught on video joining a mob pursuing police officers and smashing a sign inside the U.S. Capitol. Two U.S. Capitol Police officers wrote victim impact statements urging U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly to give Pruitt a severe sentence.

Ultimately, Kelly imposed a sentence that fell a few months short of the five years prosecutors had requested.

Pruitt said that he apologized for his actions and that he was “not happy that Jan. 6 happened at all,” but he said he still held onto his beliefs that Donald Trump actually won the election, which he lost to President Joe Biden.“I did believe the election was stolen. I still do,” Pruitt said, speaking from a lectern farther away from the judge than usual, which was set up for defendants who aren’t vaccinated against Covid.

“I broke the law, bottom line, regardless of whether I’m right or wrong on my feelings,” Pruitt said.

Robert Lee Jenkins Jr., a court-appointed attorney for Pruitt, said outside the courtroom that there was no convincing Pruitt otherwise.

“We’ve had many conversations about it, and Mr. Pruitt is firm in his belief,” Jenkins said in response to a question from NBC News. Jenkins said Pruitt’s family was “extremely dismayed” that Pruitt had gotten himself involved in the riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

** You can donate to Joshua Pruitt here.

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