(Picture above from a Trump boat parade last year before 2020 Election)

The Biden administration is threatening a group of Americans who are planning a flotilla to Cuba this weekend .

Only one week ago the Biden/Obama Administration announced that any refugees from Cuba who take to the seas will be sent back to Cuba.

UNREAL: Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Says True Refugees Fleeing Haiti and Cuba by Boat Will Not Be Given Refuge – But Fake Refugees Still Welcome

Now the Biden/Obama Administration is notifying Americans who are planning a flotilla to Cuba this weekend that they may be arrested for doing so.

The Department of Homeland Security reminded Floridians ahead of a flotilla scheduled to travel near Cuba on Thursday that it was “illegal” to travel to the island nation without permission from the federal government.

“It is illegal for boaters to depart with the intent to travel to Cuba for any purpose without a permit,” the department said in an advisory, noting that penalties could include fines of $25,000 per day and up to 10 years in prison.

If at least 100 boaters show up, Cuban South Florida residents are planning to sail from the United States’ southernmost point in Key West on Thursday to within 12 miles of Cuba’s border — technically in international waters — to show support for the country’s protesters.

“We are trying to show a peaceful protest against this regime. To show the people that we are with them, that we want to help them, that we have seen what is happening with the protests and we support the movement,” a coordinator for the flotilla, 24-year-old Osdany Veloz, told The Daily Mail. However, he said, “If Cuban authorities open up and let us through, then we will definitely go in and hand over anything useful that we have on board.

Here is a video of a previous flotilla to support the Cuban people over their communist regime.

We knew the Obama/Biden Administration showed more care for rogue regimes like Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran. 

These un-American policies are back in place now that the Biden/Obama gang are back in office.  Nobody voted for this.  

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