The President of Belarus and Russia’s Putin ask the UN Secretary-General to recognize a “New World Order” where they are given security guarantees to prevent them from invading other countries. 

Late last week the President of Belarus, a dictator and supporter of Putin, asked the head of the UN to protect their “New World Order”.

“I didn’t do it”. “It’s all your fault anyway”. “Leave me alone”. That’s the vision of a “new world order” Russian President Vladimir Putin just formally outlined to the United Nations.

His closest friend and ally Alexander Lukashenko, dictator of neighbouring Belarus, has handed a letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres detailing his and Putin’s rationale for the invasion of Ukraine.

Lukashenko repeated Putin’s threat that, unless “security guarantees” were forthcoming, the Ukraine war would become “protracted with devastating consequences”.

According to the state-controlled Belarusian news agency BelTA, the president urged the Secretary-General to institute a “new world order” under which all sovereign states have “security guarantees”.

Belarus President and Putin ally Alexander Lukashenko, allowed Putin to place arms, planes, and soldiers in his country before the invasion of Ukraine.  He supports Putin and along with Putin believes that Putin was right in invading Ukraine.

To date thousands of people have died in the Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion and destruction of Ukraine’s army.

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