A lawyer for Ray Epps sent a letter to Tucker Carlson this week demanding he retract his comments about the J6 insurrection leader by March 31.

Epps claims Tucker’s comments were “false and defamatory.”

“The fanciful notions that Mr. Carlson advances on his show regarding Mr. Epps’s involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection are demonstrably (and already proven to be) false,” the lawyer, Michael Teter, wrote. “And yet Mr. Carlson persists with his assault on the truth.”

— Alan Feuer (@alanfeuer) March 23, 2023

Epps also advised FOX News to keep all of their communications regarding Tucker’s arrangement with Speaker Kevin McCarthy to view the footage from January 6.

Tucker Carlson noted several times on his program that Epps was leading Trump supporters to the US Capitol.

As Tucker Carlson has repeatedly mentioned Ray Epps on his show and in interviews on the Fed-surrection

In a recent interview Tucker said Epps was “clearly working for somebody.”

“Ray Epps CLEARLY Was Working for Somebody…The Core Claims About Jan 6 Were a Lie” – Tucker Carlson Discusses the Truth About the Jan 6 Files with Clayton Morris at Redacted (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Ray Epps. We recently reported how odd it was that Ray Epps was not charged for participating in a crime that landed 8 Trump supporters in prison that day.

Ray Epps Lied – He Committed Criminal Acts and It Was ALL CAUGHT on Video — Here Are the Eight Trump Supporters the FBI Arrested and Who Are Serving Years in Prison for Committing Same Act

Epps was caught on video numerous times urging Trump supporters to enter the US Capitol.

Ray Epps also led the charge that day through two sets of barriers but for some reason was never arrested.

RAY EPPS EXCLUSIVE!! Never-Before-Seen Leaked VIDEO of RAY EPPS Breach! Is the Government Doctoring Video to COVER FOR EPPS & Incriminate the Proud Boys at their Show Trial? THIS IS PART OF THE 14,000 Hours the Government Is Hiding! MUST SEE!!

Tucker is not likely to lose any sleep from this latest threat by FedEpps.

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