Activist Melanie Swanson sent this in on the vicious attack today in San Rafael, California…

A boisterous Recall Gavin Newsom overpass rally in San Rafael, CA was interrupted by a knife-wielding Newsom supporter Sunday afternoon, who slashed at a Recall supporter, knocking him to the ground. He attempted to cut down the 20-foot ‘Yes on Recall’ sign clipped to the pedestrian walkway on Highway 101.

The victim of the vicious assault has been identified as 59-year old Chris Carpinello, of Novato, CA. He was rushed to Marin County General Hospital suffering from a possible concussion and other injuries after he was slammed to the concrete road, and is in guarded condition.

Police report that a second victim was assaulted by a pro-Newsom supporter who was rammed by a woman on a bicycle.

“This attack on our free speech rights by Newsom supporters is typical of the way Democrats in California operate. But physical attacks on us won’t stop us from Recalling Gavin Newsom. He needs to go now”, says Tief Gibbs, a local activist and organizer.

“We are praying for our friends who were senselessly attacked in broad daylight. We won’t back down,” says Gibbs.

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