Representative Kevin McCarthy attempted to share a valid reason for rooming with pollster Frank Luntz but it failed.

Kevin McCarthy was a very good friend to his roommate Frank Luntz:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has said he moved into longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz’s lavish Washington penthouse apartment in January to care for Luntz after the pollster suffered a stroke while doing a focus group for the Los Angeles Times a full year earlier, in January of 2020. This peculiar claim about the Luntz-McCarthy roommate situation appears to leave many questions unanswered, however.

McCarthy told former Fox News host turned right-wing podcaster Megyn Kelly that Luntz “took a turn on his health like a year or so ago. … Frank has an apartment inside D.C., and I rented a room from him, and one of the reasons I did it is Frank had a stroke. You know Frank doesn’t have family … I wanted to make sure that he’d go on his walks, and he’d make sure to take care of his health.”

McCarthy told Kelly that he lived with Luntz for “a number of months,” adding, “I wanted to make sure he took his medication right. Did I rent a room? I rented a room.”

McCarthy, who is reportedly married, but is living with Luntz.

“I Didn’t Know This Was a Controversy” – GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Confirms He Rents a DC Room From Liberal Pollster Frank Luntz (VIDEO)

What’s really going on?

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