The Washington Post fired reporter Felicia Sonmez after she allegedly attacked her colleagues and leadership at the paper.

She had filed a lawsuit against the Washington Post in 2021 saying they prohibited her from covering sexual assault stories – it was later dismissed.

Politico reported (06/09/22):

The Washington Post has fired Felicia Sonmez for “insubordination” after the well-known reporter spent days publicly accusing fellow colleagues and leadership at the paper of fostering an environment unsupportive of female staffers.

The news was first reported by The Daily Beast and confirmed by a person with knowledge of the decision. The Washington Post did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Sonmez was highly critical of Weigel for the tweet, prompting Washington Post Executive Editor Sally Buzbee to put out a memo encouraging staff members to treat one another with respect and kindness, including on social media platforms, and reminding staff that criticizing fellow employees was a violation of company policies.

The week-long episode was an extension of years of grievances she has publicly aired. Last year, Sonmez filed a lawsuit against the paper after it prohibited her from covering stories related to sexual assault and misconduct, citing her previous high-profile statements condemning harassment and mistreatment. The suit was dismissed by a D.C. judge earlier this year, saying Sonmez had not proved that the Post showed a “discriminatory motive.”

She is now working in retail according to the Spectator.

The Spectator reported:

For ideas on what to do next, perhaps outgoing Washington Post staffers should look to their former colleague Felicia Sonmez — who Cockburn can reveal is now working in retail, after a tipster clocked her while shopping for winter wear earlier this week.

Sonmez, you may recall, was a WaPo political reporter who had previously worked at the Wall Street Journal and in Beijing for the AFP. During her stint at the Post, Cockburn is afraid to say, she gained more notoriety for her spats with her employer and coworkers than for her journalism.

Why can’t she get a job at another paper?

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