The Sun is reporting Wednesday that Vladimir Putin’s car was hit in an attempted assassination plot.

Putin allegedly escaped to safety.

According to reports, there were several arrests made after the incident.

In late August a car bomb killed the daughter of a Putin ally in a car bombing outside of Moscow.

Darya Dugina, the daughter of Putin ally Alexander Dugina, was killed in an explosion outside of Moscow.

Russian media are saying Alexander Dugin was the target of an assassination attempt, but his daughter was killed instead.

Darya Dugina was reportedly on her way home from a festival when her Toyota Land Cruiser was blown up.

Wow, Alexander Dugin’s daughter Darya has reportedly been killed in a car explosion. Her Land Cruiser Prado exploded near the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy. According to preliminary reports, she died on the spot.

— Tadeusz Giczan (@TadeuszGiczan) August 20, 2022

Alexander Dugin was supposed to be in the Land Cruiser with his daughter but changed vehicles at the last second, according to Russian media.

According to AP, the explosive was planted in the SUV.

The Ukrainian government denied any involvement in the car bombing.

The Sun reported:

The Russian tyrant’s car was hit by a “loud bang” on its left front wheel which was followed by “heavy smoke”, sources close to the leader allege.

Putin’s limo was driven to safety with the president unharmed – but there have been multiple arrests from his security service, it is claimed.

It is reported some of his bodyguards have vanished amid claims secret information about the 69-year-old’s movements were compromised, according to the General GVR Telegram channel.

The anti-Kremlin channel claims Putin was travelling back to his official residence in a decoy motorcade amid security fears.

BREAKING: Daily Mail reports Putin’s car has been attacked. Kremlin calls it “stupid lies” and “seeking for attention,” saying, no such thing ever happened – as Russians continue to pound parts of Ukraine, knocking out more power plants earlier on. Interesting days ahead.

— Joseph C. Okechukwu (@jcokechukwu) September 14, 2022

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