Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Monday was very vague about the number of Americans who have been extricated from Afghanistan.

Kirby said “several thousand” Americans have been evacuated from Kabul, however he refused to give a specific number.

CBS reporter David Martin grilled John Kirby and asked him why he’s being “deliberately vague” about his numbers.

“Were you being deliberately vague when you said the number of Americans was ‘several thousand’ or was it because you’re not sure of the number?” David Martin said. “That’s the most important number…the number of Americans.. can you check the number, or if you’re being deliberately vague, tell me why you’re being deliberately vague.”

“I think I’m just gonna leave it at several thousand right now, Dave,” Kirby said.


Incredible stuff. @CBSDavidMartin gave a go at trying to get John Kirby to say how many Americans have been evacuated from Afghanistan.

Kirby continues to refuse to say.

What a disaster.

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) August 23, 2021

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