Some people report the news and some people are just stooges for the regime.

Andrea Shalal is a patsy for the totalitarians. She poses as a journalist but has a deep hatred for free speech in America.

On Monday Andrea Shalal asked the Biden White House spokeswoman how the regime was going to punish Elon Musk for bringing free speech back to Twitter.

Shalal wants Musk to suffer for his sins against the regime.

Andrea Shalal: “There’s a researcher at Stanford who says this is a critical moment, um, ensuring that Twitter does not become a vector for misinformation. Are you concerned about, you know, Elon Musk says there’s more and more subscribers coming on. Are you concerned about this, what tools do you have and who at the White House is keeping track of this?”

These people are such a joke.

Reuters’s Andrea Shalal to KJP on @ElonMusk owning Twitter: “There’s a researcher at Stanford who says…this is a critical moment…ensuring…Twitter does not become a vector for misinformation…Are you concerned about that & what tools do you have?”

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) November 28, 2022

Catturd2 is right. These people aren’t reporters.

These aren’t real reporters – they’re highly paid propagandists for the Democrat party. The truth now only comes from citizen journalists. All main stream news is lying garbage.

— Catturd (@catturd2) November 29, 2022

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