San Francisco: Where it’s perfectly acceptable to shoot up heroin in broad daylight on the street but you can’t enter a bar without a Covid passport.

Hundreds of San Francisco bars are set to require customers either show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test in order to drink indoors.

The SF Bar Owner Alliance, representing hundreds of establishments, will require proof of vaccination or 72 hour negative test for any patrons indoors.

— Matt Haney (@MattHaneySF) July 26, 2021

Forbes reported:

The San Francisco Bar Owners Alliance said in a statement it is now the group’s “official position” that as of July 29, customers who want to be inside their members’ establishments must either show vaccination proof or a negative test from within the past 72 hours.

Those who decline to show proof of vaccination or a negative test can still sit outdoors.

“It will be up to each individual bar to decide how best to enforce” the new policy, the alliance said in their statement, and Eater reports the policy will be voluntary for the bars that belong to the group.

Nearly 500 bar owners from approximately 300 bars belong to the alliance, Eater reports, and alliance president Ben Bleiman said roughly 85% of its members are in favor of the policy, though it’s still unclear how many will ultimately participate.

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