The corruption of the deep state FBI runs deep and wide.
Sebastian Gorka joined Grant Stinchfield on Newsmax TV on Monday night to discuss the deep state spying on Trump officials for political purposes.

Barak Obama perfected the art of weaponizing government against his political foes.

On Monday Gorka said he was being spied on by rogue agents in the Deep State during his time in the Trump White House. The Obama holdovers were reading his email after rerouting it through foreign countries. This gave them the excuse to snoop on the top Trump official including Gorka and his private communications

Sebastian Gorka: We know that there is a political perversion of the intelligence community by Obama holdovers… I was given a special task, a counter-intelligence task to work on in regard to the Middle East. I wanted to get three of my fellow pupils who were FBI agents detailed out to me at the White House. That should be easy… It should take two weeks. For six months it didn’t happen. Every week I went back to the HR Department and said, “Where are my guys? Where are my agents with the clearances?” They never arrived and finally a good guy in the FBI came to me and said the following. These are his words, senior FBI agent. “Sebastian, you need to understand. You’re never going to get those detailees because the 7th floor of the Hoover Building looks at the Trump Administration as “the enemy.” The man elected by 64 million Americans is the enemy to the FBI!

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