Republican lawmakers grilled Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday.

Garland, who was unimpressive and a terrible witness, dim and clumsy, had no answers to their many questions on the dire state of the Department of In-Justice and this corrupt regime.

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan questioned Garland on his move to mobilize the FBI against American parents at school board meetings.

Garland based his policy move not on facts, but on a letter from the National School Board Association.  There was NO UPTICK in violence.  There was  only parents voicing their concerns on what filth and garbage was being taught to their children.

During questioning Merrick Garland admitted he did not have any proof of violence only a letter from the far left group that pushed him to use the FBI to target American parents of school children.  Joseph Stalin would be proud.

JORDAN: “When did you first review the data showing this ‘so-called’ disturbing uptick” in violence directed against school boards?

GARLAND: “So I read the letter and we have been seeing over time…”

JORDAN: “So you read the letter. That’s your source?”

— (@townhallcom) October 21, 2021

Following Garland’s atrocious national appearance on Thursday the National School Board Association apologized for calling parents “domestic terrorists” for questioning board members on their filthy agenda.

National School Board Association Apologizes For Letter to Biden Admin Labeling Parents Domestic Terrorists

Senator Josh Hawley called on AG Garland to resign following this atrocious assault on American parents based on a complete lie.


Merrick Garland mobilized the FBI to intimidate parents without legal basis and, we now know, premised on misinformation he didn’t bother to verify. It was a dangerous abuse of authority that has badly compromised the Justice Dept’s integrity and Garland’s. He should resign.

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) October 23, 2021

Former Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller called for an investigation.

America First Legal earlier demanded an IG investigation into Garland’s Oct 4th Memo targeting anti-CRT parents:
The Nat’l School Board Association’s statement of “regret and apology” adds profound new urgency to the need for an independent investigation.

— Stephen Miller (@StephenM) October 23, 2021

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