Biden Crime Family whistleblower Tony Bobulinski told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that Joe Biden was the ‘chairman’ and ‘figurehead’ of Hunter Biden’s international business dealings.

Tony Bobulinski, a retired lieutenant in the US Navy, was the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family.

Bobulinski told Tucker that the Bidens “probably thought they were going to make billions” off of their deals with the Chinese.

Tucker Carlson asked Bobulinski if he has had any recent contact with Hunter or Jim Biden (Joe’s slimy brother).

Joe and his brother Jim Biden

Bobulinski revealed the last time he heard from Jim Biden was in the middle of his FBI interview in October during the 2020 election.

“So the last contact I had with the Biden family was when I was in my interview with the FBI on October 23rd for that 5+ hours,” Bobulinski said. “On my BlackBerry Jim Biden called me via WhatsApp and I was there voluntarily but – so my phone starts ringing in the middle of this interview and so I look down and I’m like is he really calling me right now?”

Bobulinski continued, “I show the phone to my lawyer – and he’s like – and then I show it to the agents. The agents got up out of their chairs and left the room. They were like, you can take that call if you want. And so I answered it and there was nobody on the other side.”

“So I don’t know if it was a mistake or they were trying to send me a message or what it was,” Bobulinski said.


Tony Bobulinski says the last time he’s heard from Hunter/Jim Biden was in the middle of his FBI interview before the 2020 election. Jim called his cell, but when he picked up nobody was on the line, says it was either a “mistake” or to send him a

— Cameron Cawthorne (@Cam_Cawthorne) October 5, 2022

Bobulinski also said he spoke with the FBI about Hunter Biden’s fraud but FBI official Tim Thibault never called.

Thibault dropped the investigation.

Tim Thibault

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