The last time we heard Liz Cheney speak she just got crushed by 37 points in her Wyoming primary and was comparing herself to Abe Lincoln.

On Tuesday crybaby Adam Kinzinger continued to prop up his fellow Trump-hater comparing her to Winston Churchill.

Churchill saved Britain from the Nazis, Liz Cheney was a puppet for Trump-hating communists who are committed to America’s destruction.

Yeah, they’re just the same.

Steve Bannon responded to the nonsense with FIRE.

Steve Bannon: You’re just another controlled opposition Republican. And yes, many people are going to be elected at every level throughout the nation that know because they looked at the math and studied it that this election was stolen. And we don’t care if the FBI doesn’t like hearing that or the DOJ or their grand jury. We don’t care… You’re going to be turned out and little Adam Kinzinger sits there with big teary eyes and choking up all the time. Every time he sees a mic he gets all chokey up, gotta cry. Liz Cheney got blown out because the good hard-working people of Wyoming had a belly full of it. They wanted representation for what they believe. Not what she believed. And she got turfed out and crushed.

Thank goodness, we won’t see Adam or Liz in Congress in a few months.

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