China is not letting up on its COVID tyranny.  Many large cities like Guangzhou and Shanghai are now under tight constraints.  Hong Kong is being taken over.

COVID is still being used as a means to control.  In Hong Kong police are waiting by a mountain path to see if anyone comes by alone without wearing a mask.

Cops waiting in ambush for anyone who may have taken their mask off while walking alone in a forest on a mountain

— Old China Bland (香港) (@OldChinaBland) April 14, 2022

In another instance, a woman was videotaped resisting going to a quarantine camp in China.

A worrying and haunting exchange between the police in China, and a woman who doesn’t want to be taken away to the forced quarantine camps. Very eye opening.

— C-Milk (@laowhy86) April 14, 2022

Here a leader in China is warning people to comply or China will end up like the US with multiple deaths.


— 新聞看點 (@MuYangLee_XWKD) April 15, 2022

Hong Kong is promoting National Security Education Day this month.


— Luke de Pulford 裴倫德 (@lukedepulford) April 15, 2022

The student unions in Hong Kong universities are being forced to shut down. These entities were large and active in supporting human rights.

2/ It cited the union’s non-compliance with requests, since 2013, to provide an Acknowledgement of Compliance with the university ordinance.

— Hong Kong Free Press HKFP (@hkfp) April 15, 2022

Thousands of Hong Kongers have fled the country to the UK to start new lives.

Yuwing ran one of the best organic farms in Hong Kong. He had to leave all that behind for a new life in the UK.

The HK BNO visa reflects the UK’s historic and moral commitment to the people of Hong Kong.

So far 97,000 people have used this route to build a new life here.

— Home Office (@ukhomeoffice) April 7, 2022

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