In Australia, the tyrannical Premier of Western Australia, MP Mark McGowen, thought it was necessary to invite an Aborigine elder to translate his COVID presentation from English to Aborigines English in his state.

This appears to be a comedy or the most obvious case of racism in the sick progressive world we have seen since Joe Biden lectured black voters on being black.

This is the most racist government initiative I’ve ever seen.@MarkMcGowanMP had an indigenous elder translate his message from English to “Aboriginal-English.”

The bloke is sick.

— Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) January 11, 2022

This display of racism from this progressive is worse than a segment from a 1970’s comedy because MP McGowan actually believes he is doing the right thing.  At least in the US in the 1970’s we all knew this was outrageous comedy.  McGowan doesn’t see it.  He looks like he thinks black people can’t understand what he is saying.  Maybe they do understand but don’t want to take the COVID vaccine?

This follows the earlier treatment of the Aboriginal people in Australia. They have already been collected into camps and allegedly forced with the vaccine.

‘THEY’RE KILLING US! THEY’RE KILLING OUR PEOPLE!” – Aboriginal Elder SCREAMS in Facebook Rant After Australian Military Reportedly Holds Down Her People, Shoots Them with Vaccine (VIDEO)

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