Joe Biden on Tuesday returned to the White House after spending an afternoon in Durham, North Carolina.

Biden’s visit to North Carolina was a disaster.

Joe Biden needed his handlers to guide him around a semiconductor plant.

Biden stopped to chat with reporters on the South Lawn.

A reporter asked Biden if he believes Christians were targeted in the Nashville shooting.

A transgender terrorist killed 6 Christians, including 3 children, at a private Christian school in Nashville on Monday.

“Do you believe Christians were targeted in the Nashville shooting?” a reporter asked Biden.

“I have no idea!” Biden said.

“[Senator] Josh Hawley believes they were! What do you say to that?” the reporter said.

Biden cracked a lame joke and laughed.

“Well I probably don’t then! Ha ha ha ha!” Biden said.

What a sick, evil man.


Reporter to Biden: Josh Hawley thinks Christians were targeted

Biden: I probably don’t then.
*Laughs* I’m just joking.

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) March 29, 2023

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