Chaos erupted in the press briefing room on Friday on Jen Psaki’s final day as White House Press Secretary.

Today News Africa’s Simon Ateba repeatedly heckled Psaki and interrupted other reporters.

Simon Ateba was upset that Psaki called on AP reporters first and skipped over reporters in the back where he was standing.

Ateba began shouting over AP’s Zeke Miller.


Absolute chaos and lack of decorum inside the White House Briefing Room as Today News Africa’s Simon Ateba begins shouting and refusing to shut up even though Psaki has already called on AP’s Zeke Miller.

Not taking questions from the back is a thing. But this is rude.

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) May 13, 2022

“Simon, please stop,” ABC’s Mary Bruce said.

Psaki jumped in and scolded Simon Ateba again as he interrupted Mary Bruce.

“Simon, if you could respect your colleagues and other media reporters in here, that would be greatly appreciated. Go ahead, Mary,” she said.


More disrespectful shouting from Today News Africa’s Simon Ateba demanding Psaki take his questions immediately while ABC’s @MaryKBruce tries to ask about the baby formula shortage.

You can dislike Psaki, unwritten rules (ex. AP first), or the people there, but it’s still wrong

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) May 13, 2022

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