Across the nation, weak and corrupt legislators don’t want to get to the bottom of the election fraud that occurred in their states.  This is typical of many of the state legislators in the swing states.  They didn’t want to uncover the fraud because many of them, Democrat and Republican, are afraid they will get found out. 

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Wisconsin is instituting another worthless audit.  One of the top legislators is behind this exercise.

Via The Washington Examiner and MSN.

A top GOP legislator in Wisconsin will hire three retired police officers to investigate parts of the November 2020 general election, joining other Republicans across the nation who are skeptical of President Joe Biden’s victory.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Wednesday he was giving the investigation, which will be overseen by an attorney, a broad mandate to take three months reviewing tips about the election and to follow up on ones that appear the most credible, according to an interview with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“Is there a whole lot of smoke, or is there actual fire? We just don’t know yet,” Vos said.

The problem with states like Wisconsin is that the leaders in the Republican Party appeared to be in on the election steal themselves.  We reported on this in December.

In 2020 before the election, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Vos and Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald publicly stated they agreed with drop boxes being in place in Wisconsin.  This was noted in a letter from Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias (see article below).  These actions to put these boxes in place were unconstitutional since the legislature is to approve changes in election laws in the state.  The Speaker and the Senate Majority leaders had to know this.

Now the election is over and hundreds of thousands of votes were probably sent through the mail boxes.  Aslo, no doubt Wisconsin is in the same boat as other states with chain of custody documentation lacking for most of these ballots claimed to be turned in from real voters.  Since these ballots most likely went Biden their is a large probability that there are more than 20,000 Biden ballots with no chain of custody documentation.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: What’s Going On In Wisconsin? Hillary Attorney Elias Provides Evidence that State GOP Leadership Agreed to Unconstitutional ‘Ballot Drop Boxes’

In Wisconsin, we also know since the election that corrupt actions occurred in Green Bay.

Green Bay Officials Turn Down Request to Testify on March 31 After they Gave Dem Operatives Access to Voting Room and Internet Network During Election — They Say They’re Busy

In Wisconsin, we also know that hundreds of thousands of votes were made by individuals who claimed to be indefinitely confined. nearly 200,000 more than in 2016.  These individuals don’t need to provide an ID they just need to declare themselves indefinitely confined.  No doubt a review of these individuals would also come up with more than 20,000 Biden ballots that were not related to people indefinitely confined.  Unfortunately, that state never decided to perform this review.

Confirmed: The Number of ‘Indefinitely Confined’ Wisconsin Voters Who Can Vote without IDs Increased from 60,000 in 2016 to Over 200,000 in 2020

In Arizona right now there are 300+ people assisting in the audit of 2.1 million ballots. But the Wisconsin Speaker believes three ex-cops are going to go through millions of ballots and determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are not? This is outrageous.

It appears Wisconsin needs new legislative leaders and lots more help to get to the bottom of the massive corruption in the state. This current effort is a sham.  The people of Wisconsin deserve much better.

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