Cory Bernardi is a former politician and Sky News Australia host.

On Wednesday during a segment on Paul Murray Live, Bernardi was asked about the wackadoodle pseudo-science promoted by Dr. Fauci and on America’s reaction to the panic porn promoted by their medical elites.

Always witty, Bernardi did not disappoint.

Cory Bernardi:  It’s just extraordinary Paul… The only conclusion I can come to, is they found a way for people to donate their brains to science and allow the bodies to keep walking around.  Because there are so many stupid people out there at the moment that will do anything that Dr. Fauci says even when he contradicts himself.  And there is a bit of research you haven’t aired it on your show, and it says more Americans rely on Dr. Pepper for their advice than they do Dr. Fauci.

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